WordPress the perfect solution for building a corporate microsite

Imagine that your company is one that rolls out new products every other month? How do you get people to know about these products? How do you get the media, the blogs, and the general public especially your current and potential buyers to learn about the new releases you make every month? Your ability to tell the world about your new releases and products on a regular basis is what will determine the volume of sales you make. And you can’t make these updates on your main corporate website, you need another platform to do that.

Now, if you try to advertise your new releases on social media, get bloggers to do guest posts about it, or engage in other online advertising methods, you will generate some traffic but where would this traffic go to? The simple answer is your boring corporate website. Corporate websites are not best known to convert web visitors to buyers because they lack the qualities required to do so. Most corporate websites are just static sites setup some years back with nothing but large chunks of text that stare at the face of visitors from day to day. Most people who you direct to your corporate website through your marketing campaigns will simply click the close button because the website doesn’t inspire them to do more. However, there is a way out of this, which is to incorporate a micro-site into your main website. This micro-site will serve as a content management website that you can often use to update information about the activities of your company.

What is a micro-site?

Just as the name sounds, a microsite is a subpart of a main website usually consisting of pages designed to serve a specific purpose other than the purpose of the main website. Microsites are most times hosted on a subdomain of the main company’s domain URL (example, “microsite.companydomain.com”) and other times, they are hosted on a different domain URL totally different from that of the main company domain URL (example, “www.microsite.com”).

The main goal of a microsite is to provide a different platform where companies can share regular information with the public, while providing this audience with a different experience other than what their corporate website is offering. WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS) development tool and is many people’s first port of call when they are developing microsites.

Things that marketers can do with a microsite

There are a lot of things that marketers can do with microsites, most of these inclcude the ones below:

• Pay per click campaigns: When marketers set up a pay per click campaign, they need a microsite to send the traffic coming from these campaigns. Imagine setting up a pay per click campaign where the subject of the campaign is the new service you are rolling out, and you are sending the generated traffic to your corporate website where there is no single mention of this new service. It means you have simply wasted money and efforts.


• Direct marketing campaigns: Marketers use microsites for direct marketing campaigns because they find it hard to convert to customers the traffic they generate through direct marketing campaigns if they send the traffic to their corporate websites

• New product launches: Your corporate website will not offer you the perfect platform to talk about your new launches; hence, marketers use a microsite independent of their main corporate website to talk about these releases

• Seasonal promotions: Microsites are ideal for occasionally promoting your service
• Market research
• Competitions or contests
• Employee outreach
• Recruitment
• Event or conference promotion

For each of these, WordPress offers you the best CMS development experience. The platform gives you the opportunity to reach out to your targeted audience with your unique message.

Benefits of a microsite

If you are still looking for motivation to develop a microsite, then these benefits of a microsite as shown below may help to spur you on:

• Allows for experimentation: Unlike your corporate website where you set up the content and leave it that way, you can experiment different ideas with your microsite since you can easily create and delete content on the site. You can experiment on the best contents for each marketing purpose and the best demographics to target in your marketing campaigns

• Can evoke a sense of community: A microsite gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience through comments and other means of interaction. This evokes a sense of community between you and your audience

• Provides an avenue for lead generation: You can introduce an email capturing system on your microsite which is a good and free way to capture leads

• Provide you an avenue to target a specific demographic, product or service, and visitor persona: a microsite gives you an avenue to target the different demographics that make use of your service and reach out to them on a personal level. This helps a lot if you want to convert website visitors into clients

• You can create a separate navigation different from that on a main website: you can exploit this to add all the necessary navigation that will mean more for your marketing campaigns instead of being limited to a few

• Focuses on specific call to actions
• There are no unnecessary distractions like those found on corporate websites
• Makes it easier for website visitors to locate relevant content without wasting time

Why WordPress is best for developing microsites?

• The platform is very flexible: You can easily tweak it to suit your needs
• Rapid development: uploading and deleting content on a WordPress microsite doesn’t take much expertise, you just need to know how to click a mouse button and read instructions, and you are good to go
• Inexpensive to maintain
• Easily integrates with social media
• You can easily add or remove content on WordPress
• The platform is also feature rich

With the above reasons, there is no doubt that building a separate microsite for your next product launch, employee outreach, content promotion, etc. is just the only way to go. With a tool like WordPress, developing a good content management website becomes as easy and simple as a walk in the park.

Some Excellent Examples of Effective Microsites:

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