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Why Your Website Running in Any CMS Suddenly Breaks Down?

People who are from a non-technical backgrounds use the CMS just like a house or physical structure. It might be a building or a house. Therefore, it is often difficult for the users to understand why their website has broken down. They do not understand just like there are a number of factors that contribute to the breakdown of the house. This is particularly frustrating for the website owners who do not understand the technical backend of the website.

It is obvious that being from a non-technical background first you need to hire a technical team to recognize the complex issues that made your website break down. CMS development services NYC is going to provide a technical support that will define as one of the segments of your application require the other segment to function properly.

Identifying the dependencies in your website

Whatever content management solutions you might have been using, you will see that the website has a number of dependencies. Since your website is a piece of software. It is having the design, code and deploys the use cases just like other software. As you will find the use cases met with functionality, dependencies established between many moving parts.

In order to get into the details of your website, you have to get to the ground level.

Remember that your website is always going to come hosted on a network. It utilizes the Rackspace, Amazon or may be any popular web host. All those providers provide service to them by Backbone. So whenever at any point when the web users are connecting to your website use a complex series of networks.

The next layer, which comes, is the actual server, which runs on an operating system. The operating system itself comes packed with thousands of dependencies. After both OS and server, comes the actual software that forms the backbone of your website. You can also call this technology stack. It might include anything from Dot Net to MySQL or from Linux to Apache in the server and PHP in the script.

Finally, on top of all these layers, you will find you will find the actual web application. This indicates that the CMS in which the website runs and any other functionality associated with it, including the APIs.

Each layer of the software and hardware comes with many dependencies all the way down to the lowest level. You will find thousands of places where something can blow soon. It is the reason why your website comes with so many complex dependencies. For every single thing, it is important for the proper functioning. However, the modern software makes thing easy to maintain in the ecosystem. The best web hosts reduces the network connectivity issue. They may even offer software that pre-configures the servers with proper technology stack. However, even with that when it comes to maintenance, you are sure to face some problem.

How does this all relate to the breaking down of the website?

You will find that the dependencies come into play when one element of the layer either fails to function or requires an update.

For example, if you are running the old version of PHP and you need to update it, then the process to use is pretty simple. However, there are many more dependencies that might cause issues with how Apache handles the PHP. Even the way MySQL is integrated to PHP. However, the worse thing is that PHP is updated means the actual language that powers the website might feel the effect. Therefore, if the PHP changes some of the core concepts it might affect the entire website.

This might happen all the time. Say a system admin updates the core software for security and other reasons. The update affects some software within the CMS – say a plugin. You update the plugin but it then breaks another plugin that has not updated them recently. Maybe for that you need to upgrade to the core system. This snowball effect is the major cause of maintenance that will put the software in off-shelf. Since simple upgrade will allow series of meltdowns that take hours of time to figure out.

This is one of the major issues that might cause you to wake up to a broken website. Many system admin might simply update servers with no concern or thought about the end application. All these scenarios might land up into instability of your website.

What are the dangers of an upgrade?

Software updates are not always something with new features. Sometimes there are responses to vulnerabilities or other negative issues that have aroused within the platform itself. For example, we had to run updates to the core OS for any computer utilizing the Intel chip due to some security issues.

In such an instance, ignoring the updates is not the way out. Even this will open an extra space to get hurt. Finally, one more important element you need to consider when it comes to breaking the user-side environment. You will find the web application viewed through a number of devices. This means everything from mobiles OSes such as iOS and Android to devices like tablets to laptops, all using a different type of browsers, different versions and variety of configurations.

This also means that even in every part of the internal technology stack used in your website – it is important to see if they are working properly from time to time and you can still control the experience if you resolve things on time.

Remember to every client nothing is more worrying fact other than that his or her website suddenly comes to a halt. It is easy to explain but hard to understand. In addition, with the only avoid them is to take technically smart decision early in the process and monitoring the same. Do remember that the technical application needs more maintenance than you ever thought to do but with proper execution, you can mineralize the risk. Now let us know your opinion on the fact and tell us your reaction when you faced hardship with your website.

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