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Why Is WordPress So Popular Amongst The Web Designers?

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What can we say about WordPress? This year, this CMS will be celebrating its 15th birthday and we couldn’t be less happier about it. For those who don’t know what WordPress is, what are you doing here? WordPress currently holds the top position for being one of the most well-known and popular systems for content management in the world. With more than 30% of the websites properly running on the WordPress platform, it is truly an honor to be associated with the likes of WordPress. It is only fair that people love using this amazing CMS for their business, recreation, and so much more. But why do you think people love to use WordPress, especially the web designers. Let us find out the reason why WordPress is such a hit for the web designers.

Welcome To The World Of WordPress

For those who don’t know yet, WordPress is basically a system for content management that is used by millions of people out there for designing their amazing websites. This platform has been continuously hitting home runs by providing ground-breaking technologies and methods for the creation of astonishingly beautiful websites that have more performance and power. Working a lot better than the traditional systems, WordPress is certainly the first and the foremost choice of the designers who want a more unique look for their sites. More people every day are joining the family of WordPress and they seem to be very happy about it too.

This platform is basically an open source one that has a license from the GPLv2 and this means that it is absolutely free of cost for modification and use. You will definitely be impressed by the amazing services that it provides. If you want some more information about it, then you can definitely go to any company of web application development in NYC to get further details about WordPress.

However, what we are going to talk about in here is how WordPress proved to be a ground-breaking invention for the web designers.

WordPress Beat All The Competitors!

No doubt, there we many different types of content management systems that came into existence after WordPress. What is astonishing is that WordPress still managed to provide the top-notch services that it does now to the people. Hence, it won the hearts of the web designers despite having competition from the other systems.

Take the example of PhpNuke which was a rather new addition to the content management system family. This company proved that they provided PHP supporting content management system. However, what happened was that it failed to provide the basic support to the users. In spite of having particular software that was functional, the design was a bit too complicated for the people to handle. Hence the CMS became one of the many systems that had a minimal audience.

The Master Theme

Ever since the creation of WordPress, the themes have been very popular for the web designers. However, it was not until 2005 that WordPress became the ultimate favorite of the people. It was after the introduction of the Kubrick theme that designers began to appreciate the strength of WordPress. If you see the Kubrick theme, you will find that the looks are rather ordinary. However, the inside of the theme was what mattered to the designers. When compared to the other templates and themes of the CMS, this one proved to be much easier to handle and customize. For those with a minimum knowledge of CSS, it would be really easy to work with Kubrick and create something very unique.

The theme helped the users to create a brand new phase in the world of web development and design. With the combination of the system and the theme, web designers found a whole new way of increasing the functionality of their websites. It was something that people hadn’t witnessed and the effect is absolutely the same until now. Even now people tend to be wowed by the presence and performance of the WordPress theme. If you are a company that provides web application development services in NYC, then the theme power of WordPress would be great for you.

Versatile Design

Most people might think that WordPress is a platform that is just suitable for the web designers and developers. But what many of them don’t know is that before it became popular in the world of web design, WordPress was just a site for bloggers who had a thing for technology. This is one of the reasons why the user-interface of the WordPress platform is very simple and easy for use. Even the design of the WordPress website is such that anyone from a novice designer to a professional one will be able to use it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that WordPress is just basic. It has the design strength that cannot be compared with anything else. With premium plugins and other attractive offers, WordPress certainly is a huge hit among everyone, including the beginners in the field of web design. That is not it people. WordPress doesn’t disappoint when it comes to keeping up with the different design trends that take place in the web designing world.

Lower Maintenance And Set-Up Costs

If the recent reports are to be believed about the performance and maintenance of WordPress, it is true that the platform requires very little maintenance, set up, and customization. This means that the costs associated with these modifications will be less as well. When compared with the other systems of content management such as Drupal, the platform of WordPress tends to create better scope for the developers and designers for developing and customizing their websites. This is one of the reasons why WordPress tends to be a very popular choice for all the developers and web designers from all over the world.

To Conclude,

For the ending note, it can be said that WordPress is definitely experiencing many changes that are appealing to the web designers. When we see into the future, WordPress seems to be the ultimate option for the design of the websites. So, if you already haven’t signed up for the WordPress game, we suggest that you do so immediately.

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