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Why a website re-design can damage your paid search efforts

Many times, businesses redesign their website for various reasons; the outcome of this endeavor is always interesting, but many times, it comes at a cost. Redesigning your website without careful planning can ruin your PPC optimization strategies and hence affect the way you generate new leads to your business.

Businesses sometimes seek web design solutions because they feel their website looks kind of outdated and needs some redesigning. They often want to improve the lead generation services their website is offering them. While a well-designed website can help a business to generate more leads, if the job is not properly done, it can affect a business’s paid search efforts negatively because some things that aid lead generation on the old website can sometimes be left out on the new website or improperly integrated. Let’s quickly look at some of these things that often go wrong that affects a business’s PPC optimization efforts when a website redesigning is not done right.

The things that often go wrong when a website is redesigned

Below are some of the common features of a website that are critical for PPC optimization which often goes missing after a website have been redesigned. Sometimes, these features don’t go totally missing but lack the capacity to perform their function with regards to generating leads.

1. Contact details: Most times when a website is redesigned, important contact details like the business’s phone number and email address which are usually conspicuously displayed at the top of the website go missing. And we know that without contact details, generating new leads becomes extremely difficult for a business as you would have made it extremely difficult for new prospects to contact you.

2. Trust signals: these can include such things as client testimonials, certification badges, etc. and they usually serve as social proof. When websites are redesigned, most times, these trust signals are often missing on the new website.

How does the absence of these trust signals affect a business’s paid search efforts? The answer is simple: people often look out for something to give them confidence that your business is doing well and if they can’t find such things, they find it difficult to patronize your services, hence ruining your paid search efforts.

3. Tracking codes: are what those that offer lead generation services to businesses use to measure the performance of their client’s websites. These tracking codes often include such things as the number of people that have visited a website and the location they visited from. Tracking codes can also include the type of devices that these visitors visited with. Many times, redesigned websites don’t have the abilities to send tracking codes which helps a business know the performance of their paid search efforts. Without these tracking codes, you can’t know what content on your website that is converting to traffic.

You won’t also know which of your ads that are converting too.

Popular tracking tools that often get missing in redesigned websites which send tracking codes about the performance of the website include the following:

• Google analytics: this helps to send codes that tell those running the PPC optimization of a website how traffic is getting to the website.

• AdWords conversion code: contains codes that that tell which of the business’s ads that are converting and those that are not.

All these codes affect the paid search efforts of businesses when they are not available.

4. Thank you pages: These pages give visitors assurance that their request was received and is appreciated. This simple sense of belonging offered to visitors is enough to convert them to a loyal customer. But many times, after a business redesigns their website, the thank you page is often removed or shortened to a simple one-line sentence that is not complete enough to tell the visitor what next to expect. These thank you pages can also contain other important information that can help a visitor make a final decision and when they are removed after a website is redesigned, it negatively affects a business’s paid search efforts.

5. Forms: Contact forms serve to help businesses collect the email address and names of visitors who would want to book appointments, but many times after a redesigning job, these forms are replaced with email addresses or telephone numbers. Placing email addresses in place of contact forms is an outdated technique and is not good for the paid search efforts of a business.

Some other problems that often show up when websites are redesigned include the following.

Security problems: Website visitors are very critical of their data and wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving even their most minute details on a website that is not secure. This can greatly affect a business’s paid search efforts as not many people would leave their contacts and other details with them on their insecure website.

These security issues usually show when those offering web design solutions make a redesigned website to be HTTP instead of HTTPS. HTTP websites are not secure, and visitors can lose data they send over HTTP websites. Some web browsers like Google Chrome even alert visitors that they are on an HTTP website and that their data is not secure. This most times creates panic in visitors hence sabotaging a business’s paid search efforts.

The good news is that all these problems of redesign that affects a business’s PPC optimization efforts can be managed and avoided once there is a collaboration between those offering a business web design solutions and those offering the business lead generation services. It is necessary that these two work together to ensure that all the features of the old website that are important for paid search are properly migrated and integrated into the new. These include making sure that the contact information of the business is well displayed at the top of the new website; including a thank you page on the new website, having tools to track codes on the new website and making sure that security is taken seriously on the new site.

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