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Which platform is best for social media lead generation?

Finding the right social media platform for generating leads is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face online. There is some sort of confusion about which of these platform’s lead generation services is best and most effective. Many people think it is best to use Facebook advertising services to generate leads; others think seeding media content on Instagram and Pinterest is the best way. The truth is that all these avenues are all great platforms for lead generation and trying to figure which one is the best can be very challenging as they all have their peculiarities. Since all the platforms have their own peculiarities, it is best to stick to the platform you like, master it, get results from it and then add other platforms.

In a bid to find the best platform, businesses often make the following mistakes:

1. Not learning a strategy enough before venturing into it: a lot of businesses do this a lot; many times, they just learn a bit of a strategy, and boom, they are already implementing the strategy. There is a problem with this approach, as those who use it often end up wasting their time and efforts. It is good to take out some time to learn a new strategy before jumping into the strategy, that way; you know what you are really going into and whether it is the best way of generating leads for your business.

2. Not allowing enough time for the strategy to take hold: even after they have jumped into a new strategy, they expect the strategy to yield instant results. This attitude of wanting instant gratification can’t be unconnected with the fast-paced world where we live where everything is now “instant-this” and “instant-that.” It is important to note that even the best lead generation strategy can take some time to produce positive results. Although there are some people that may see instant results, do know that it is not always the case. So, don’t give up if the strategy you are employing is not yielding instant results.

3. Trying to tackle many platforms at one time: we saw earlier that it is best to approach your lead generation service one platform at a time. If you start targeting different platforms at the same time, you could end up losing focus and not maximizing the benefits of any. It is best to start with one platform, master the platform and then add another platform.

Another good advice is to leave your lead generation in the hands of people who are experts when it comes to lead generation. The reason for that shouldn’t be far-fetched – these experts have been in the business of lead generation long enough to know the strategies that work and those that do not work. Once you entrust your lead generation into their hands, you can sit back and relax while they do the required magic on your behalf.

One of the platforms for social media lead generation that has proven to work for businesses over and over is Facebook advertising services. This may sound surprising because many people don’t realize the immense possibilities that Facebook advertising offers. The reason is that they don’t set up their campaigns the right way.

When many people are setting up Facebook ads, the most they do is to put up an ad creative (image or video) and then some ad copy in the description, set up a payment plan and have Facebook drive traffic to the ad. Though this strategy works, it is not the best strategy when it comes to generating leads using the Facebook platform. To generate a lot of leads using the Facebook advertising service, you have to make your ad really stand out. How?

The best way to make your ad stand out is to create content around one of your offers and use the content as your ad copy. For instance, if you are a web development agency, and you are looking to generate leads using Facebook ads, you can create a piece of content that reads, “5 reasons why you need a new website,” then at the end of the short content, you promote your web development services. At the end of the short content, you can post a link to a post on your blog or website detailing more on the short content you just shared.

A mistake that most people make when trying to generate leads using Facebook ads is that they try to appeal to people’s emotions. It doesn’t work; for someone to be willing to check out your offers, you have to think about the pain of that person and offer your service or product as a solution to such pain. If you just try to appeal to their emotions, you may end up getting a few leads, and that’s not what you want.

Once you have been able to craft a nice accompanying content for your ad, use different budgets to experiment to see how the content fares in the ad network. With as little as $5, you can set up a test campaign that you can use to test the different metrics and determine what is best for you. The most important key is to ensure that your ad content or copy is as simple and straightforward as possible. Once you have learned the art of crafting good content, run several campaigns with small budgets and see the results you get.

After figuring out what metrics yield the best results, you can go ahead to increase your ad budget, and you would have succeeded in getting yourself a good way of generating leads through social media. Remember there is no one best platform for social media lead generation, all the platforms have their own peculiarities. Apart from using Facebook’s advertising services, you can also use media seeding on Instagram, YouTube, etc. to generate leads on social media. You just need to master one platform before adding another one.

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