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The Best SEO is Human-Based SEO

The Best SEO is Human-Based SEO

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For some time now, the topic of SEO has been causing such a huge buzz. While a lot of people think that SEO is no longer relevant, the truth remains that SEO is still as effective as it has always been.

Because Search Engine Optimization is still very relevant, it is not uncommon to hear a lot of people talking about the latest SEO techniques. The world of SEO is an ever-changing one; what is in vogue today may get outdated the next moment, the more reason why the topic of Search Engine Optimization is always on everyone’s lips.

Many times, the people who are talking about SEO don’t even seem to understand the smallest things about SEO. Some don’t know what SEO really means, while there are those who are always asking about the latest SEO best practices.

Some of the many questions that SEO consultants are asked all the time include “what is SEO,” “what are the best strategies when it comes to SEO for business,” “where can one outsource SEO services?” amidst other questions. Answering the question of the best SEO for business can be very tricky because as we said earlier, SEO strategies are always changing. But despite the constant changes, the core basics of SEO remain the same. When we say that the core basics have remained the same, we mean that even though some strategies might have changed, there are still things about SEO for Google that have remained relatively the same. That said, let’s look at the current best SEO strategies.

The best SEO is to stay focused on the visitor

The mistake that most people make when it comes to SEO is trying out different strategies all the time. Over the years, it has proven not to be the best approach to SEO. Instead of running around and testing out different SEO techniques, it is better that you focus on one basic concept that states that the best SEO is human-based SEO.

Saying that the best Search Engine Optimization is human-based SEO can be surprising to many because they have for long thought that the best techniques involve outsourcing SEO services to SEO consultants, or using automation tools, binary code, or shortcuts. While many of these techniques might have worked some years when they were in vogue, they no longer stand the chance of being regarded as the best SEO practices today.

In today’s SEO circle, the best strategies revolve around knowing who your website visitors are, connecting with them personally, and assisting them to solve their problems. Website visitors are people looking for solutions to their problems, and if you understand it this way and provide them with a solution to their problem, then you have the best SEO strategy. The algorithm that search engines use to rank websites might have changed several times over the years, but one single thing remains constant, and that constant thing is that every search engine is still out to provide useful content that will serve the need of website visitors.

Today, we might be talking more about demand for performance, mobile inquiries, and long voice-based search phrases, yet one thing remains constant – the need of the visitor has to be met. So, as long as humans are the ones visiting websites, the need for high-quality human-based Search Engine Optimization will always be there. Providing tangible value and placing a strong focus on user experience will always be the best SEO strategy as far as this age is concerned.

Don’t be too engrossed thinking about plugins, data, and website code as the real SEO. Yes, all these may come into play when we think of getting content out there to the user, but the most important thing that you must not ignore is to provide the website visitor with the best user experience so that they don’t find it difficult getting the solution they seek on your website.

You need to understand that following shortcuts or outsourcing SEO services to acclaimed consultants may not really do much for you. The most important thing is the real value and experience you provide to your visitors. Following shortcuts or outsourcing your SEO services may bring visitors to your website, but these shortcuts won’t connect with these visitors on a personal level. Remember that the people visiting your website are real humans seeking solutions to their pains, and you need to address them as real humans.

SEO is complex and yet so simple

The world of SEO is an ever-changing one; everything seems to be getting more and more complex. Long search phrases are now the order of the day. Longer articles are also becoming the standard, and search engines are not left out as they have developed complex algorithms to be able to process all the changes that are taking place. Yet, amidst all these changes, we can say that things haven’t really changed much.

Search engines are still looking for websites that provide value to the visitors. So, Google expects that you do the right thing, and the right thing here involves providing value to people every day.

Many times, people want to know if they can game the system and make use of code or automation tools to push their websites to the top of search engine result pages. The truth is that using these automation tools and codes might have worked in the past, but they no longer work today. If your focus is only on getting your website way up the search engine result pages, then it clearly means that you have lost focus on the visitor, and once it not about the visitor, it is not the best Search Engine Optimization.

Human-based SEO is about helping people solve their problems, and you need to know that black hat tricks don’t help website with their problems. At best, they help you get your website to the top of search result, but Google has developed a quick way of removing the websites that game their system.

The bottom line is that you need to take time to learn about SEO in depth especially if you are new to SEO. Don’t opt for shortcuts, don’t bother yourself about changing algorithms, just learn the basics. Try to understand why people visit websites, as that will help you reach your goals.

Your focus should always be on your visitors, their unique problems and how you can help them solve these problems. SEO strategies may be changing, but the core SEO principles remain the same – which is to serve the visitor.

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