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Crowdfunding Website


Basic Description

Wefund4u is a crowdfunding website to raise money from funders for the events which occur in schools.

It has following back-end features:

  • There is a functionality to generate data related to new project creators, new users, registrations, and recently created & backed projects.
  • Manager dashboard generates data on the total reward’s amount, the total pledged amount, site earnings, funding, and revenue from projects.
  • Quick communication through emails, notifications, and messages.
  • Managing the project categories.
  • Newsletter feature.
  • Features related to payments, checkout, and transactions.
  • Managing project status and making changes as per status.
  • Functionality related to third-party API and accounts related settings

Participants will join the campaign in two different ways as given below:

  • Manually admin will be sitting beside him and help him to join.
  • An email received from the admin to join as a fundraiser with join code to create a login.

Participant’s fundraiser campaign page let the participants share the campaign on his Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr. There will be a page where participants can put his first name, last name, cell phone #, email of potential donors.

There is a specific url for flyer donation, each kid will have unique url for flyer donation members, any donation made through flyer will associate with participants unique id, that unique id will generate at the time of joining as participant fundraiser. This donation will reflect in participants statistics report.

There is a feature for raffle tickets: if the participant raises $250 for a campaign, the top three will get a prize. Admin will be able to view the comparison of the highest amount raised by the participants.

Admin set goal configures and participants have used all his possible channels to raise the most money and win the prize by inviting all his friends on Facebook to visit posts, sending text message and emails etc.

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