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Microsoft Office Outlook Launches The New Dark Mode: Have A Look

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It is good news for the Microsoft users this time as there has been a new feature that is launched in the webmail service of the Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft is one of the best companies that are known to provide numerous services to the users. Almost everyone on this planet uses Microsoft these days. So, it is natural that the updates and features in this revolutionary system will be a great change for the people.

What Is It About?

Lucky for you guys, Microsoft has just made an announcement of the New Dark Mode that is to be effective in the Microsoft Outlook webmail service in the phones and computers.

This dark-mode has been requested by many of the users who have to continuously strain their eyes with the light from the computers.

So, there is no doubt about the fact that this recent change from the Microsoft Company will be well received by the clients.

This is not the first time that the Microsoft Company has teased something about an update. Just a few months ago, Microsoft made the announcement that they will be launching the official Dark Mode on the Microsoft Outlook.

The new mode will be a particular reminiscent of the theme that was set for Halloween last year. Needless to say, people are very much excited about the new development that is to be found in the webmail server.

A Look Into The New Dark Mode Of Outlook

The present modes in Outlook can put a strain in the eyes of the users who are constantly in front of their devices. For these users, the Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode is one of the best developments in the Microsoft sector.

This new mode will adopt the different shades that are present in the grey color to make sure that the panel contrast is perfect for the users. This will ensure that the Outlook theme gets a more published and stylish look as well.

Apart from that, the enabling process of this theme is very much easy as well. We shall be talking about that in detail after some time.

All you have to do to enable it is go to the section of Quick Settings. If you are having difficulty in finding where that is, then you could look for the icon of the cog wheel that is located in the upper right corner of the page.

However, there is a requirement of the theme that the users need to worry about. The current working system of the dark mode only works with the blue theme which is the default.

This is a very major development for the Microsoft users as they will be able to reap the benefits of the New Microsoft Office Outlook Dark Mode in the best way possible.

This has been one of the most requested features for the webmail service of Microsoft office. At least that’s what the listings of the Outlook site feedback say about it. However, this format is just available for the desktop versions out there. There is still no news about the Dark Mode being available for the users of mobile Outlook yet.

It seems like the people who operate Outlook from their mobile phones have to wait for a while until this revolutionary mode is available to their mobile phones. We certainly hope that the Dark Mode is available to the mobile Outlook users in the form of the mobile apps.

As we all know, most of the people these days use their mobile phones for most of their tasks. So, having the Microsoft Dark Mode in the mobile version would really be a help to these users.

The latest development that Microsoft Outlook went just a few days ago was when the company launched the rebranded version of their news app which is known as the Microsoft News App, along with the dark mode. This mode was available for the iOS phone users.

There are other apps as well which use the same modes such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit. All, these platforms have the dark mode available for the users.

The Announcement For The Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode

With the help of a feedback post, the company made the announcement that the Dark Mode was now available for the Microsoft Outlook.com website. This was after a year of the request being made. The Microsoft Company stated that the Dark Mode would be a better and more pleasing way of reading the emails if the readers require a better interface that is less bright.

This mode is also a very great help if the reader doesn’t have a properly lit environment. Although the desktop users have been saved from the problems of light, the mobile users are still to get their share of the solutions as Microsoft hasn’t made an announcement for the Outlook app yet.

How To Turn On The Dark Mode?

For having access to the newly released Dark Mode, you have to use the current Beta version that is provided for the Outlook.com website. There is an option to toggle the website on the upper corner of the right side of your page. Since the development is a new one, the toggle option is still available. However, it will be gone in the coming few days.

All you have to do in here is type Outlook.com in the browser window and you will be able to sign in to the account that you have. Then the next step would be to go to the setting section and you will see that there is a gear icon present.

The Dark Mode for Outlook is available in there under the section of the themes. Click on that section and you will be able to access the theme very easily. However, one thing that is to be noted in here is that the Outlook version’s Dark Mode works just for a particular theme so you need to take care of that.


So, this is how you will be able to use the Dark Mode on Microsoft Outlook. Make sure that you follow all the tips that we have for you. Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode is certainly a great one for using.

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