Marketing Ternds 2018

Marketing Trends We Can’t Wait to See in 2018

The world we live in a fast-paced one. Every day, spectacular tools are being created from new technologies, consumers are no longer comfortable with the services that brands are providing and are tasking brands to come up with new and advanced tools. A lot of discoveries in the digital world are opening up a whole lot of opportunities more than what were available before. Due to all of these, the content marketing circle in 2018 is going to witness a whole lot of changes.

Digital marketing for businesses is going to get a bit difficult, and any business that wants to remain relevant must adopt the new techniques and ideas that are coming up. And to be sure that you are making the most of these ideas and techniques, you need to remain informed at all times, and not just to remain informed; you need to integrate the new ideas and techniques into your marketing strategy in 2018.

As the New Year is just starting and we are all gearing up to make it fruitful, here are some critical content marketing trends you need to watch for.

Marketing for the “moment”

The wide usage of smartphones among the populace has made it possible for people to make instant decisions. People go to everywhere with their mobile phones, and they can now make purchasing decisions no matter where they are. Because of this, a lot of technology giants are currently developing some marketing methods that are geared towards attending to the immediate cravings, desires, and interests of consumers.

Because consumers are often with their mobile devices, they are now more inclined to make decisions instantly. The ability that mobile phones now offer consumers to search up opportunities, products, and services near them when they need them is now seriously affecting how consumers make purchasing decisions. And that trend is going to gain even more momentum this year; this means that brands that can tailor their marketing “for now” will enjoy immense benefits.

Video content is becoming the new king

Just scroll through your news-feed on Facebook or Instagram, and you will see a lot of short, interesting videos popping up here and there. Some of them are explainer videos, some are live streams, some interviews, and they are all becoming a huge part of the content we see in the social media space. Now, for businesses to get their marketing right this New Year, they need to add video marketing to their bullet list. The past years saw a lot of companies investing a huge part of their budget on videos, and it is going to continue this year.

Because many more businesses will join the video trend, the number of video professionals who are becoming members of online marketing teams will increase. There will also be the introduction of advanced tools for analyzing videos and tools for optimizing videos to become more mobile-oriented.

Get ready for AI marketing

In the past when artificial intelligence is mentioned, people only relegate it to a matter of sci-fi films. But today, a lot of artificial intelligence tools are being introduced into the technologies that we use for our everyday activities. This means that AI will continue to spread, and it is going to affect marketing strategies.

For instance, AI techniques are now being predominantly used to customize user experience on websites. Not only that, there are AI tools that help businesses create PPC (Pay per click) ads that are tailored to meet the actions and activities of website visitors. All these go to show that AI will help to introduce even more exciting marketing innovations this year and beyond.

The year of the growth hacker

This year, a lot of emphasis is going to be placed on what is called “growth hacking.” Growth hacking is a term that is mostly associated with the startup ecosystem where the major goal is always growth. Growth hackers in marketing don’t just do marketing as a means to gain more customers, retain existing customers, or to create brand awareness; they do marketing as means of encouraging growth. Even though they (growth hackers) are not totally new to the digital world, they mostly operate in the startup ecosystem. But this new year, it is expected that there will be an expansion of growth hackers into other digital spaces like marketing, etc.

Understanding marketing attribution

Marketing attribution may sound like a big word, but it is simply the relationship that exists between revenue and marketing. It aims to measure the quality of a particular marketing platform based on its performance. For instance, a similar ad run on Facebook, Instagram, and email inbox will definitely yield varying marketing attributions depending on the effectiveness of the different platforms in achieving the goals of the ad campaign.
Marketing attribution is important because it gives you an understanding of your interaction with your audience and shows you the minute differences that account for the variations you get in your campaign results. You will create more effective campaigns this year if you learn how to analyze marketing attributions.

Voice assistants are the new salespersons

We already have voice assistants that help us with some basic virtual assistance. But we should get ready to see these voice assistants get more involved in our marketing and advertising strategies. Some experts believe that as voice assistants become more widespread, paid content is going to become more prominent on them, meaning that if you ask your voice assistant for direction to a nearby bar, you will hear some paid ad together with the information you are seeking. Something similar to the paid ads you see alongside search engine results.

Marketing transparency and authenticity

Your audience has grown tired of seeing ads everywhere they go, from their YouTube videos to their email inbox. This is bad for brands, as people now find it difficult to differentiate between ads and actual contents and the resultant effect is that they suspect every content. As a result of this, brands are now being more authentic and transparent with their marketing messages because they understand that their audience is now savvier when it comes to sieving out factual content from marketing messages. This trend is going to continue this year.

In conclusion, digital marketing for businesses is going to get a bit harder, but any business that adopts the above content marketing ideas in 2018 will definitely benefits greatly and not be left out.

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