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JavaScript APIs: What Should You Know About Them?

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If there is one programming language that is used by many developers and designers these days then it would be JavaScript. This programming language other than CSS, HTML, and others are the face of the technologies that govern the Internet.

You all know that the different internet browsers nowadays have got the search engines that help to access JavaScript. Also, the different devices of today’s time are able to have an access to the programming language. But why is it so popular?

Well, the JavaScript is equipped with the different libraries and APIs that are new and unknown for some people. These are the APIs that come with different features. They also help in increasing the performance of the applications and also help in enhancing the experience of the users. Let’s have a look at these phenomenal APIs to give you a better idea.

Page Visibility API

You already know that the web browsers of today have got different tabs from which the users will be able to view different websites all at once. They don’t even have to use another window for that. So, it becomes a difficult task for the designers and developers of a web design company in Miami to know whether their applications are being used by the respective users or not.

With the help of the Page Visibility API, the developers will be able to see the usability of the page. Also, they will be able to find out whether their applications are being used by users or not. Here is how it works.

After the user minimizes the tab or the window in the browser, this particular API will provide a message to the developer. This message would allow the developer to make some changes in the page when it is active.

With the help of such an API, the developer will be able to make the changes in the behavior of the application. This will further result in the improvement of the performance. Also, it will improve the experience of the user too.

Offline And Online Events

It is a fact that not every single application in the web has the ability to handle the information when there is no internet connection for the users. However, there are some apps that will provide the users with a message that denotes the failure of processing.

But still, that is all that they can do and nothing more. So, in order to handle this situation of the lost internet connection, it is important for the developer to know all about the online and the offline events. With the help of the JavaScript API, you will be able to make sure that the user is able to save their current status of work in the internal storage of the browser.

That way, the progress won’t be lost and they can resume from the point that they left after the internet connection is back on.

Vibrate API

During the talks about the responsive designs and web development, the things that come to mind are the resizable things and elements which can be maneuvered to fit the tablet and the mobile screens.

However, no one is really willing to take that step and create different features that these devices can provide. One such feature is the vibration. The Vibrate API will be providing the web page with this feature.

It is just like how a mobile app will make the devices of the users vibrate during some specific dates and events. Whether it is an incoming message or an error alert, you will be able to know with this feature.

For example, if a user is trying to login to a website but has the wrong password, this feature can help by sending a vibration for the error alert. Even if there is an update message, this feature comes in really handy.


In case there is a text that is sent by the application to the user and they need to copy it, this feature will definitely be a great help in that. Now, you won’t have to worry about copying any particular text to the clipboard.

Gone are the days when people had to go through numerous procedures in order to do that. After all, doing something that simple shouldn’t require the help of any type of bloated framework such as Flash. This library can be very easily installed as it is just 3KB in size.

Also, the support that is provided to the users with this library is amazing. The library mostly focuses on the APIs that are supportive of all the different browsers. So, this is an option that anyone can use. With this feature, the users will be able to copy exactly what they want and nothing more.

A-Frame And WebVR

We all know about WebVR and if you don’t then you need to contact a web development company in Miami to know more about it. Basically, WebVR can be defined as a particular specification that can be used by anyone to experience the amazing thrill of having VR in the web browser.

However, in order to make sure that the virtual reality experience is a better one in the browser, you will need some additional help. The help that we are talking about in here is A-Frame. It is a framework that can help to create amazing VR experiences for the users very easily.

The virtual reality experience is created in the web applications. There are many web apps that do not support it. However, most of them do and in those cases, the A-Frame framework will be a great help for sure.


There are many other APIs and different libraries that are present in the JavaScript. All in all, it can be said that it is a very useful programming language for the developers who are looking to create more responsive designs in their web pages.

After all, where else will you get such amazing features, right? With the help of these APIs, any web development company in Florida will certainly have all the help that they need to increase performance and user experience.

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