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6 Key Factors That Influence Your Website User Experience

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When it comes to websites, one of the most important things that matters for everyone is the user experience that comes with it. What else could be more important than providing the visitors with a fantastic user experience that could result in the success of the website, right?

User experience which is also known by the name of UX can be made up with many different and important components that have a positive impact on the experience that the users have after visiting your website for the first time.

One thing is for sure, if your website doesn’t provide a positive experience to the user, then the total marketing tactics that you use for the success of the website will be affected by that. So, no matter what you do, having a positive user experience is really important for a successful website. You could always take the help of a digital marketing agency to get an idea of all the things that are required to provide a wonderful experience to the user.

Important Elements That Provide A Positive User Experience

If you think that you will be able to provide a fantastic user experience just by introducing a great design and some colors to the website, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many different factors that include the format of a successful user experience website. These elements include usability, value, functionality, navigation, adaptability, and design. These elements are the ones that decide how proper the website will seem to the users.

Value: The value of the website will be based on the fact that the potential customers are able to see the benefits that come with the website easily or not. The design of the website should be easily able to communicate with the users about the value that you are offering to the customers on the site

Usability: The usability of a site is termed as the site structure and the responsiveness of the website. Any particular site should have a design that is able to address and fulfill the needs and requests of the potential customers

Functionality: The functionality of a website plays a very important role in providing a great user experience because it makes sure that everything on the website is completely sensible and usable. The potential buyers should never have any difficulty in understanding the website’s purpose

Adaptability: The adaptability of the website is another one of the important things that matters in user experience. We are living in a world where we are surrounded by tablets and smartphones. The site that you provide to the users, should have a sense of adaptability. This means that the site should be able to adapt to the mobile phones and tablets

Navigation: The website’s navigation is all about creating a particular layout that is able to minimize the number of buttons that the users have to press in order to find the things that are on your website. The navigation for any website should be really good so that the users don’t have any difficulty in finding things for themselves on the site.

Design: Now we have come to a very crucial part of the user experience process. The website design should be in a way so that the people don’t have any distractions while visiting the website. The design plays a very important role in attracting visitors to the site. So, make sure that your website design is completely amazing.

Benefits Of Having A Positive User Experience

There are many benefits that come with a fantastic user experience that your website provides. Here we have listed a few of them for you.


One of the many benefits that come with a great user experience is that the ROI or the return-on-investments get significantly increased.

In the UK, if you invest a dollar in the user experience, the ROI is about 9900 percent

In the next ten years, the investment of $10000 on the design-centric agencies will result in a 228% increase in the yield of the investment

Also, 86% of all the customers will have to pay more for having a proper experience from a website

Bounce Rates

If you think that user experience will have a positive effect on the bounce rates then you are absolutely right.

For a proper user experience, the bounce rates of a website will be significantly lower. We have some numbers for you in case you need it.

89% of the customers choose a different site because of getting an improper user experience from the other ones

Continuous scrolling can be used for providing a better user experience and dropping the bounce rates of any website


Most people think that throwing in some shades of colors in a website will be enough to make it pass for the user experience test. Well, they are wrong. The design of the website is really very important and here are some statistics to prove that we are right.

The first impressions that people have about any particular website are related to what they see in the design front

88% of all the online buyers will not return to the website if they have a bad user experience due to the design

The judgments that are made about the credibility of the website are totally based on the design of the website

38% of the customers are more likely to disengage from a website that doesn’t have an attractive layout


Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly as well to ensure a great user experience. Why? Here’s why.

Mobile optimized sites are suitable for 74% of the customers

52% of the customers will not return to a site that doesn’t have a mobile experience

61% of the customers think highly of a company that has good mobile websites


So, do you think that you are following all the rules and providing a great user experience to the users? If not, then you can definitely take the help of a digital marketing company to do that. Always remember that user experience is one of the most important things that matter.

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