Micro Moments

How to Create Of Proper Micro Moments for Mobile

Do you ever count the number of times you check your phone in a day? Well, the answer is literally going to shock everyone.

The average number of time a person checks his or her phone in a day is 46. Every time a person is looking at his phone then it is a kind of interaction between the person and the design.

Those few moments are the most crucial part of a good level user experience. Sounds a little amazing to know that how the work alerts or the notifications can play a huge role in obtaining a user or losing them.

One should those small moments in such a way that it is memorable as well as usable. In this article, we will provide you with some tips to do this

What Makes An App More Appealing?

All we can say that it is those small fractions of seconds that really makes you fall in love with the application and start using them. Right from all those notifications of the social media to an alarm of your favorite web series, these pieces of notification are coming to you all the time. But the moments in which you turn on and off also play a crucial role. In recent times, Google had published that a guide named “winning the shift to mobile” which had some amazing descriptions of those micro-moments and their vitality.

The experiences of the customers are relevant, immediate and frictionless whenever they open a device to buy, do or find something. However, after some time Google had broken this concept down and to parts of relevant concepts. These concepts help the people to guide the thinking about the micro-moments and how can you create one.

  • First of all, you have to make a strategy that tells about what micro-moment you should consider and why. Try to base the moment on the concept.
  • Be always present for the users
  • Be quick as well as useful
  • Look for feedbacks and other results
  • These types of concepts help in making the micro-moment work. Give a thought about these interactions and their ways of usage as well the designs
  • You can put an animation on a single tap that tells that you are adding an item to a shopping cart
  • Opt for vibration which will mean that the device is in silent mode
  • A news alert that shows the headlines only and a tap to read the full article

Each and every one of these interactions of daily life is so common to you that you don’t even think about them for once. But the main point is that we love how they work to make things convenient and easier for us.

Think About The Usefulness Of The Device

The connection or convenience is one of the main reasons that we like these micro-moments so much. However, the other relevant factor is the emotion. The users are required to connect with those micro-moments in either one of the two ways so that it can be more effective. If this doesn’t happen then they will probably stop the use. One of the crucial things to keep in mind is that micro-moments are those moments which help in communication and connection of two parties. This will create an opportunity for further engagement.

However, it can be only said that it all depends on the human-centered designs. This means that each and every user understands and feels something. The users will be guided through a process with a series of instruction and are brought to a loop for communication.

Small Brandings

Each and everything is applied to those micro-moments when you use similar visual tools to create a project. The design is just minified. Such interactions come with the color palette, visual identity, front palette, buttons and elements of user interface. The micro-moments also have vibrations, touch cues or sound. For something that is not even half the size of the business card, these things seem too much to think of.

If the micro-moments or the application is working for larger brands like Facebook or Twitter then it is important that you follow the guidelines of the same brand as much as you can.

Legible At A Small Glance

It is important that micro-moments are legible in a single glance. Think always about providing the readers what they need and in such a way that they can read it without focussing much. Now, this may take the design a little bit tough on your end.

  • Short and simple message
  • Don’t use passive words
  • Don’t put the click bait or spam language, like “click to see what happens next”
  • Use a moderate typeface with regular widths of stroke
  • If you are allowed then try to increase the lead and size of the text
  • Use sounds or animations to draw some attention at the moment
  • Set the number of micro-moments, so the users will actually check when there is a micro-moment

Away From Others

Just admit that there are few apps which we interact and use on regular basis. Then there are some other apps which don’t even like to look but they are still on your device. Now, try to think about the benefits of those apps that look unique in comparison with other applications. Is it due to the love towards the app or due to its design? Try to read all the notifications form those apps as one can learn a lot from them

Be Realistic As Well As Authentic

The best things about apps are that they are real and authentic. They are true to what they say, how they look and how the user interaction is. Every moment that is spent with the user should show this.

The platform of Google has broken this into four types of micro-moments which captures the essence like

  • I want to go
  • I want to know
  • I want to buy
  • I want to do


If you really think about the micro-moments all the time or plan them to design in a process then just go for it. These are some of the best elements of mobile app development. The universe of design has been changing and with this, the scope also continues to grow.

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