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Android Development And iOS Development

How Can You Choose Between Android Development And iOS Development

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The iOS and Android platforms constitute about 99% of the whole mobile market. This means that the companies are always on the lookout for developing mobile applications from these platforms. Choosing the one that is the best between these two is the most important thing.

The best thing to do for these companies is to choose a proper way to compare these two different platforms and then pick out the best one. However, there is another method that people use. That is, developing the hybrid mobile applications that can be accessed from the iOS as well as the Android platforms. This can be a great way of reaching to a huge user base. But then, that is not possible to do always. Timeframe, budget, resources, and other constraints come in the way of designing hybrid mobile apps every single time.

It so happens that sometimes, due to the development, time and cost limitations, the companies need to make a choice of one platform from which they want to develop the application. But how can one do that? There are many variables that can come in handy during these situations. There are many companies that consider Android as the best choice. Also, there are companies that prefer iOS more. Whether it will be Android or iOS, it totally depends upon the company that provides services of mobile app development in Texas.

The App Trends For Android And iOS

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

There has been an increase in the introduction of the mobile apps these days. About 2.2 million applications are available in the Apple app stores and 2.8 million apps are available on Google Play Store.

Even the application downloads went high experiencing a growth of 15%. However, when it comes to individual progress, the results are quite interesting. The smartphone sales growth has increased by 3% but the iOS sales increase is about 11% more than the previous year.

So, it can be said that though Android seems to be the king of Global Market, iOS platforms have been achieving great results on a yearly basis. From that, we can say that Android and iOS have both been equal competitors on this field and there can be no clear winner in here.

Choosing The Right Option: Android Vs. iOS

Here is a complete analysis of the things that you should consider before making a decision. If you have any more queries after this, contact a mobile app development company in New York to know more.


Firstly, you need to analyze the demographics in order to know the audience that you would choose. The users of iOS platforms are relatively a bit younger. Also, they are willing to spend some additional money on the in-app expenses of any application. Also, these users choose apps that are from education, business, and lifestyle along with the others. However, the share of the iOS users is very small on the global market. In that case, Android proves to be a better competitor. For a company who wants to target the global market, Android is the platform to choose in here. Also, Android apps are often chosen by people who have a lower income than the iOS users and hence it has a better position in the global market which has a major portion dedicated to mediocre income people.


It is a sure thing that you know who the winner in here is. Since the iOS platforms have people with higher incomes, it is clear that they provide the most profit. The iOS apps are the apps that make the money. It is known that the revenue generated by the App Store of Apple is about 80% more than the revenue that is generated by the Google Play Store. Although the users on the iOS platforms are not that much as the Android, the revenue is definitely more in the iOS apps. But why do you think there is such a huge difference in the revenue generated by both? To be honest, the iOS apps mostly strive to provide the developers with an opportunity of profiting themselves from the applications that they create. There are the paid apps in iOS platforms and also there are the in-app expenses as well. Also, Android has got a very huge advertising sector for the apps created. So, when it comes to profit, the iOS apps take the show away.


Another important consideration that you need to think about is the timeline. Have you wondered how quickly you want to launch the app in the app market? The longer it takes to develop an app, the higher the cost will be. Generally speaking, it takes a while to develop the Android apps and the iOS applications are a bit easy to develop. Hence, the Android apps have a longer release cycle than the iOS. After all, it is difficult to build an application that works for all the Android devices, right? There is a variety in the screen sizes. Also, the OS is different for different phones. So, it takes a lot of time to get it right. On the other hand, iOS platforms create software and hardware both, there are fewer devices in the market. Hence developing apps fit for the iOS platforms is much easier.

Approval After Release

When it comes to this section, Android is the clear winner. For the iOS platforms, the approval after release takes more than 2 weeks. It could even take longer if the app is not up to the mark and gets rejected. That’s not something that happens with the apps in the Android platform. The testing takes about 1-2 days. Also, the updates are crunched up in hours. As user-friendliness is the main motto of Android, all you have to do is get the buttons all right and your app is ready for approval and release. This means that Android platforms have a less strict policy for approving apps which make them a better choice for the developers.


Ultimately, it is the decision of the developers for choosing the market they need to invest in for developing their apps. If you are one such company that provides services of mobile application development in Florida and you need to develop an app, we suggest that you keep these factors in mind.

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