General Queries:

1. How much does CoreGen Solutions charge to build a website?
Ans>> The cost and the timeline to design and develop a website depends on the list of features you would like to add in your website. We cannot offer such standard pricing model. For more information about our pricing or to get a price quote for your project, please contact us.
2. How long does it take CoreGen Solutions to build a website?
Ans>> Website delivery time depends on various factors like complexity of the features, elements used in the design etc. A simple brochure website can take somewhere from 2 to 3 weeks where as more complex application can take up-to 8 to 10 weeks.
3. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?
Ans>> Yes, CoreGen Solutions offers 4 months of free support once the website will go live on your server. We do fix all the bugs (if any) in our delivered codes.
4. Can I edit the website myself?
Ans>> Yes, All of CoreGen Solution’s Website and Applications come with Content Management System (CMS) where any site can be easily manageable from the back-end of the website.
5. What are your maintenance fees after the site goes live?
Ans>> Most of our website comes with Content Management Systems. Once the website will go live our expert team will guide you how to manage the website by your own through Skype, Team Viewer etc. Coregen Solutions do not charge anything extra to maintain the website once it goes live. If there is any ongoing licencing or some other subscription required we will discuss about it initially. Coregen Solutions will only charge if you want to add any additional features those were not in the initial scope, we either charge on based on Fixed Cost Model or Based on Hourly Model.
6. Will I own the site/code after it is designed and developed?
Ans>> Yes, all the projects codes, APIs, Plugins, Modules, PSD along with the database will be you own property. Once the project will finish we will deliver everything to you.
7. Can you host my website or is that something I would arrange myself?
Ans>> Coregen Solutions do not offer any Hosting service directly. We have a collaboration with different 3rd Party Hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator and BlueHost. We can suggest you while selecting a proper hosting company and plan based on your website or application. However we suggest you to host your website which you own 100% otherwise If you ever choose to switch developers to host your website, they may try to “hold your site hostage”-meaning you’d have to start from scratch with your new developer instead of updating your existing site.
8. Do you offer SEO or SEM?
Ans>> Yes, Coregen Solutions has years of experience in Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Social Advertising, Blogging and Email Marketing. We will work with you to define your web marketing goals and come up with a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve them.
9. Is there a difference between web design and web development?
Ans>> Yes. Web design is the “look and feel” of the website where as web development is the actual behind-the-scenes mainly the coding part that makes the website work. The designers do the website design and the developers do the web development. Both are completely different. The design will have no value until you integrate the design into coding and make all the features functional.
10. Do your websites meet W3C Standards?
Ans>> Yes. Coregen Solutions codes follow any W3C standard to avoid common coding errors and warnings.
11. How can I benefit from working with CoreGen Solutions?
Ans>> Coregen Solutions assure you to deliver your project on time, within your budget and in according to the international standards. There is no hidden cost or any surprise price you will receive once the project is close. Your project related information will be always confidential. You will get an attractive price and a quality product from Coregen Solutions.
12. What type of processes does CoreGen Solutions have in place?
Ans>> Our working process are as follows;

  • Requirements Gather: Once you show your interest one of our Marketing Professional will contact with you via email, phone, Skype or any IM to understand your requirements in more details.
  • We will discuss with your requirements in our internal meeting and reach you if we need further clarification.
  • Once everything is clear we will create a details proposal for your project with the total time and cost require to finish your website/web application.
  • Once you accept the offer we will divide the entire amount and features in different milestones and start working on your project.
  • We will design the website and send you for your approval.
  • Once you will approve we will convert the PSD file into HTML5, CSS3 and upload all those files on our internal server.
  • Once the development goes you can review that URL to review all our recent work progress.
  • Once all the features will be added as per the initial discussion we will ask you to review.
  • If some changes require we will do and give you a full demo on how you could manage the website from the back-end.
  • Once everything done we will upload the website on your server free of cost.
  • Once the site goes live on your server we will give you a six months free support on our delivered codes i.e. We will fix them if any error occur.
13. What is the response time to an initial communication?
Ans>> You will get a response of your email in a few minutes, whereas in IM Chats the response are instant. We are available virtually 24/7 to reply all our customer’s query.
14. How do you handle change request and changes in project scope?
Ans>> For a Fixed Price Model we are fine with making small changes without any extra charge but if the changes are bit complex and require more man hours to involve then we do charge for the additional work based on Fixed Cost Model or Hourly Model.
The timeline for the changes depends on the kind of changes you are requesting. For Example: If you want to change a text or color scheme then it will take less time compare to adding a Payment Gateway or Registration feature in your website.
15. What's your methodology for designing and development?
Ans>> We do follow waterfall methods where once the requirements have been clarified the design prototype of the website or web application is built automatically. And this process continues until we get the final outcomes exactly as per the initial specification.

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