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Enterprise mobile application development facts you should know

Whether it is iOS app development or you are simply looking to build a web app, you need to know certain facts about enterprise mobile applications development. First, what are enterprise mobile apps? Enterprise mobile apps are large complex, scalable, mission-critical, and component-based applications usually designed mainly for big corporations or government agencies. So, enterprise mobile application development means developing these complex mobile applications. The major purpose why organizations and governments develop enterprise apps is to facilitate their operations so as to enhance their productivity.

With the current digital revolution sweeping across the whole world, the way organizations conduct their business has changed a lot. With tools like enterprise apps, organizations have been able to increase their productivity as well as improve the efficiency of their employees. With these benefits, many businesses are now investing heavily in getting enterprise apps for both their customers and employees.

Even though enterprise apps are complex apps that are instrumental to the success of large businesses, it is not needed by every organization. For example, it is not suitable for small businesses and enterprise as they won’t utilize all the features of the apps and end up dumping the app. It is majorly for big organizations and government agencies where complex mission-critical operations are performed on a day to day basis.

With the use of enterprise apps, organizations are now introducing a concept called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) into the workplace. This concept makes it possible for employees to be able to access organization’s data anywhere they are without a recourse to official organization’s devices. This practice is known to have improved the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Important facts about mobile enterprise app development

Now, before going ahead to develop enterprise mobile apps for your organization, below are 7 facts you need to know:

1. Identify your needs and customize apps according to these needs

You are developing an enterprise app because you have a need in your company or organization that you want to solve with the app. And for an effective app development, you need to identify these needs. It is called carrying out a system analysis – you identify where the company is lacking because of the absence of an enterprise app and how the introduction of one will help to block the loopholes. If you are sure that your organization really needs an enterprise app and that you are not just trying to build one because your competitor did, you can reach out to an app development company to help you with the system analysis aspect of the app development. A good app development company will help you develop an enterprise app that will help the smooth operations of your company and that will also help you in your branding efforts.

2. Prioritize the user experience (UX)

For the most part, the reason for mobile app development is to make it easy for the customer to have access to your business. So, you want to make sure that these users have a good experience when they are making use of your app; this same thing applies to enterprise apps. The device you are developing the app for is not as important as the features in the app that will make sure that the user has a good experience using the app. Therefore, before developing an enterprise mobile application, you need to make sure that the app is one that simplifies the task of the user, after all that’s the overall purpose of an app. The app should also be one that helps coordinate the activities of your employees no matter where they are working from.

3. Maximizing the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The introduction of the Bring Your Own Device into the workplace has greatly helped organizations to increase the productivity and efficiency of their employees. The simple fact that employees can have access to company data and can work from anywhere is enough to prove to you that the concept is a nice one as it allows employees to enjoy more flexibility. But a challenge that often need to be addressed when everyone is working with his/her own device is that of different operating systems. For instance, some employees may be hooked to their iOS devices, others Android, and others windows OS especially those in the office environment even though they are accessing the same enterprise database. This is a challenge as organizations looking to develop enterprise apps must take the different operating systems into consideration as user experience is of utmost importance when it comes to enterprise apps and not specific mobile operating systems.

4. The advancement of mobile technology

The world of technology as a whole has continued to improve, same as the world of mobile computing. Mobile phones are now getting smarter and smarter by the day. Mobile apps now come integrated with various artificial intelligence features that help them perform better. These artificial intelligence features can help users of an enterprise app to improve their productivity. Hence, before developing one, you need to consider the advancement in mobile computing technology and make sure that your app embrace the latest trends so as to offer the best in class user experience to the targeted audiences.

5. Security-related issues for enterprise apps

Security is a serious concern in the world of computing. Enterprise apps are particular prone to some security challenges. This is because many people access the enterprise data at the same time and this could make it possible for sensitive information that should only be privy to certain professionals or the management of the organization to be accessed by others. Hackers can also lay their hands on sensitive company data and use it to wreak havoc since the data could be readily available.

The BYOD concept that makes it possible for different employees to access enterprise data using their different devices and operating systems can also provide a loophole for data to be stolen or even corrupted. It is true that the BYOD concept have contributed to increase flexibility in the workplace, but the security concerns that individual devices pose cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, there is not much that organizations can do about it.

6. App availability concerns for developers

There is a serious app availability concerns for developers when it comes to enterprise apps. This is due to the fact that different companies make use of different operating systems and connectivity systems to access the functionalities of their apps and their other computing systems, so, developers are always concerned about how these connectivity systems and operating systems connect these functionalities. To address the concern, enterprise apps should have storage facilities and updates that keeps record of the connectivity of the app so that the app developer can use these information to conduct conductivity tests and make the app better.

7. Consider uniqueness

With the way many organizations are adopting features for their enterprise apps, it could be tempting to want to copy the features of the enterprise apps of other organizations. Before doing that, remember you are running a different business, and hence, you should try to innovate your own unique features for an enterprise application. Think of the needs of your company and develop an enterprise app that meets these needs.

In conclusion, mobile enterprise application whether it is iOS app development or app for website has come a long way and have helped organizations to improve the efficiency of their employees and to increase their productivity. Organizations just need to identify their different needs for an enterprise app and develop one that will meet these needs. App developers, on the other hand, need to follow the specifications of an organization’s operations to develop an enterprise app that helps the organization perform their core functions like payment processing, email marketing, content management, customer support, etc. and in doing this, developers should also put security of the organization’s data into serious consideration as well as test their internet connectivity for accessing the data.

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