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Content ideas that work for your entire business

Content ideas that work for your entire business

When it comes to online marketing strategies, the good old content still remains king. Or how else would you pull traffic and convert them to customers without content? When you consider that with right SEO techniques, content can actually do a lot for your business. You can use content to promote your business, generate traffic, and to make sales.
That said, it is no doubt that content is very important when it comes to online marketing, but where a lot of businesses fail is in coming up with the best ideas to do content marketing for SEO and social media at the same time. Their ideas, if there is any usually serve only one department of their business and not the needs of the entire business. But content shouldn’t just serve a single department. A good marketing strategy uses a single content as SEO tool, social media marketing tool, and a promotion/marketing tool.

The challenge

Many companies’ content marketing techniques don’t serve all the needs it is supposed. At most, their strategies usually involves only come up with content ideas that serve the purpose of SEO alone. This way, they continue to waste scarce resources every year on content ideas that only address a specific aspect of their business. You are obviously wasting money if you can’t use a single content for social media marketing, SEO, and your other content needs.
If you can’t tailor your content to serve all the purposes just described above, then you know that you are wasting money and that you are not also choosing the right topic ideas. In that case, you would have to create many different pieces of content to serve the other needs which is akin to waste of resources.

Coming up with a topic idea that traverse the needs of every department

To come up with content ideas that traverse the needs of all departments in your company, you need to work with all the departments to come up with something meaningful especially if your business is such a big one that members of one department may not know people from the other department. By working with the different departments, you are able to bring together ideas from these departments to form your content. If you can’t work together with the different departments in this manner, you will definitely end up with a topic idea that only serves one department.

What are the content ideas that work?

Having seen that a good content technique involves tailoring your content idea to serve as both an SEO tool, social media marketing tool, and a promotion tool at the same time, the next big question is, “what makes a great content?” Below are what makes a good content idea:

  • The content should be keyword targeted such that it can bring enough traffic that will consequently convert to paying customers. Being keyword targeted means that the content should contain the right competitive keywords that would make it rank on search engines..

  • The content shouldn’t just rank for a keyword but a relevant keyword. A relevant keyword would ensure that the traffic the content is pulling is targeted. Unless the traffic is targeted, it will not convert to customers.
  • The content also needs to appeal to social media users. This is an area most businesses don’t get right when coming up with content ideas. If you study the psyche of an average social media user, you see that they are simply looking for fun. So, to appeal to them, your content ideas have to contain an element of humor. If you start dishing out educational content on social media, nobody will look at it twice, so you must appeal to the interest of social media users by giving them something fun and interesting.
  • The topic idea also needs to be such that can give your team the chance they need to promote it through various content marketing tactics such as guest posting, outreach, etc. By so doing, you will be getting the content on as many platforms as possible with back-links to your website which is one of the things that help ranking.

Besides serving as an SEO tool, social media marketing tool and a promotion tool, a great content also needs to be marketable. A marketable content is one that many websites would be willing to feature, and for many websites to be willing to feature it, it should strike a balance between being promotional and providing value to the readers.

How to come up with great content ideas that work for your entire business

The importance of working with all the departments in your company if you want to come up with a great content idea cannot be overemphasized. Differing opinions must come together for that to happen as no single person can boast of knowing the needs of the other department, especially in a big company.

When meeting with your team, you need to find out that thing that people are actively searching for which your business can provide. When people make searches on Google, they are looking for a solution to their problems, so you and your team have to come up with a topic idea that positions your business as this solution that people are looking for. Simply looking at ways that your business could help your customers solve their problems is enough inspiration to come up with many content ideas that will not only be good for content marketing for SEO but also good as a content marketing for social media and promotion tool.

Furthermore, there are available tools that can help you come up with great content ideas. These tools include SEOCrawler, Ahrefs, and BuzzSumo. SEOCrawler helps you take care of everything about your SEO campaigns. It helps you know how your different keywords are ranking on search engines against that of your competitors. You can use the knowledge to improve your SEO strategies.

You can use Ahrefs to check the pages on your competitor’s website that has the most backlinks to them. This knowledge can help you to know the kind of contents that is helping them to rank so you can tailor your own content after them.

With BuzzSumo, you can see the pages that have the most social shares on a website by simply inputting the domain of the website. This will give you an idea of the kinds of content that are performing well on the social circle.

By using these three tools, you will be able to create a content idea that will do well in terms of SEO, social media engagement and promotion. And if you create such a topic, you would have succeeded in creating a content idea that will work for your entire business.

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