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Client-Agency Relationship: Finding A Method In The Madness For High Impact Results

The business world is a complicated one and if one is not careful enough with all the aspects of it then it might be difficult to run a successful business. In any business or company or organization it is important to realize that in order to reach the top of the hierarchy, you can’t do it alone. A lot of components go into play here and all the components play a very major role in the success of the company.

Now as I said that all the work can’t be done by a single company itself so what should a company do then? In such cases company hires agencies to do the work that their staff is not able to do. Now the agency and company relationship is a very delicate one. One should not think that it is a one-sided relationship where a company gives some project to the agency and it has to fulfill. This work actually works both ways.

Understanding The Relation Between Company And Agency

It is necessary to understand how the relation of a company and agency work. The company or the client basically has to work together with the agency so that both the firm can together accomplish the goals of one another. Now when a company wants to hire an agency, it wants the agency to bring more profit to the company or do the specified work for the company which they themselves are unable to do properly.

At the same time, the agency wants the company or the client to be very forthcoming and communicative regarding their work so that they can complete their project successfully. The completion of the project will ensure that the agency gets good word-of-mouth or recommendation. Their reputation, as well as increases in the market and they, get more and more clients as they keep on doing well. But in the business sector especially in the top digital marketing company in Kolkata, the client-agency relationship is facing huge problems in this regard. There is always a constant problem and miscommunication between the agencies and the clients or the companies. The reason behind this could be many and very silly at the same time but the impact is horrendous. Both the parties end up losing a lot and facing a lot of trouble due to unfinished projects and bad work quality. The best digital marketing company in Kolkata are also the sufferers of these. The top digital marketing companies in Kolkata basically do the marketing for the companies or their clients who are in the digital business. But if the clients are not very frank regarding their work, products and other related important stuff then the marketing cannot be done properly. Such problems are faced on a daily basis by the companies and agencies who thrive due to each other but at the same time are killing each other.

The clients and agencies always end up giving an expression of being adversaries instead of partners whereas it should not be the case. Now there are many reasons behind it. Some of the important ones are listed below.

  • Miscommunication

When an agency and client or company get to work together for a specific project, the first step is that the client or the company needs to establish the works that need to be done by the agency. For that communication is very critical. If the communication is a little bit fuzzy then all the work is done by the agency somehow or the other fails to meet the requirements of the common or the client. Now, this communication is set by a brief meeting. The normal notion is that these meetings should be in verbal and in written form so that there is no scope of confusion but hardly any such things happen. Most of the clients or companies end up giving a very brief statement of the work that needs to be done by the agencies. So as a result obviously a lot of outcomes do not match the client’s expectations. Hence there arises a problem of distrust and complains. Such simple things make the relationship between the client and the company very hard to keep. Even in the top digitalmarketing company in Kolkata, the same problem is faced. The clients who they have to represent do not give proper information. Sometimes the instruction regarding the advertisement or marketing strategy is given in the form of text messages which are very short and inadequate with information. The top digital marketing companies in Kolkata face a lot of problem with such clients and their requests. Because at the end if they are unable to meet the expectations, then it is their hard work and reputation that faces most of the criticism. Also, the digital marketing company is a very competitive one. One has to be bang on with their project if they want to be the top digital marketing company in Kolkata but such situations make it very difficult for these agencies. Also, the ones who are at the top have the constant pressure of maintaining their position. In order to avoid such issues, it is highly recommended that the clients must give both oral and written briefing in a very detailed manner to these digital companies as at the end both the parties are going to earn a lot from such successful projects and collaborations.

  • The Blame Game

When a company or a client approaches a certain agency and the outcome of the particular project is not according to the specifications of the company then a whole chain reaction opens to the blame game. the agency and the company starts blaming each other. Also as there are many divisions among the company itself who are partly responsible for the project blame each other for some or the other mistake. The agency says that the company failed to give proper instructions that were required to fulfill the particular project.

The company either says that the agency did not obey the instructions to the alphabet or they normally put the blame on the communication department saying that they failed to communicate proper instructions to the agency. No one takes the blame for themselves as no one wants to be a part of the failure. So instead of working as a team, they start putting each other on the limelight. In situations like this, it is very necessary to be together and become a united party and work towards the completion of the goal.

Imagine the results have not come up properly. So instead of fighting with each other and putting the blame onto each other. Both the parties along with all the core members and groups should start thinking of a contingency plan. They should try making the wrong, right as much as possible. There is another solution to the situation. There should be only one core team of the company who decides what work should be given to the agency under what instructions. This way if something goes wrong there is a single core team which has to take the blame no matter what.

This way people who are working in the team are also very serious with their work and they try not to make any mistakes as they will be in the line of fire if anything goes south! In the top digital marketing companies of Kolkata, the same thing happens as the blame game goes around to each and every involved table in the project but this should not be the case. In such cases, the relation of the agency and the client become very bitter. And such notions or emotions only end up in the loss of the business. This loss is not endured by only one party but has to be faced by both the parties equally.

  • Choosing The Wrong One!

When a company decides to let an agency help them with some of their projects, they try to select the best agency in the market without even realizing that what are the skills of the company. it is very important to have a background check on the agency and its specialization before giving it any project. some of the very good agencies out there are good at some of the topics whereas even though they cover other topics, they might not be good at it. That means if you give them a work that they do but are not good at it, at the end the result is definitely going to disappoint.

Also sometimes what happens is if a company or client approaches a certain agency for the project, the agency immediately accepts the work without even knowing if they are well equipped enough to do the project. now small agencies like to do that more as saying no to clients would mean that they are losing out on jobs.

As I have said earlier that the market is very competitive, so it is very necessary to be in the game. obviously saying no to the clients does not help in being in the game. but this option does not end as well in god terms. If the agency is not good at doing the work it took the project for, then how can it produce good results. So because of some amateur and rash decisions both the parties end up losing at the end of the day.

This point is very valid for the top digital marketing companies of Kolkata as well. Sometimes some wrong or inappropriate projects come to them and sometimes they take some wrong project as well. Now it is necessary to realize that if you want to be in the game and someday wish to be at the top of it then you definitely have to be good at it. This all the agencies and the companies forget during the chaos created in this relationship.

If the agency wants its name to become bigger, it can’t afford to say no to a couple of organizations but it cannot afford to produce results one after the another. It giver more bad impression than having nothing to work with. Similarly, it is the sole responsibility of the company towards itself that it should select all the associated agencies properly. If they select the wrong agency by themselves then the loss of the company is completely on them and they should rather take responsibility.

  • KPI Should Be As Perfect As Possible

First of all, lets clear the concept of KPI. What is KPI? The full form of KPI is the key performance indicator. The work of the KPI is that it has to evaluate or measure the performance of the company or a certain task or project of the company.

The quality of KPI is very important as it decides whether the work of the company is going in the right direction or not. If it is not going in the right direction, then certain steps are meant to be taken on behalf of the company for its betterment. But sometimes the company or the organization is so busy tracking the KPI that it forgets to concentrate the quality and the Task of the KPI. This leads to a lot of problems later on.

For the KPI evaluation some other agency I appointed and there can be many variants of these agencies accordingly. It is the task of the company to seriously decide which of the agency is going to calculate the KPI and if there is going to be any other agency to do the supportive work for the company. the KPI can be a real issue for the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata as well as it affects the whole working relationship of the company or client and the agency.

The agency-client relationship is a very important relationship and it must be taken seriously by each and every member working in both the parties. It is like a symbiotic relationship in animals where both the parties can’t live without each other and they take their success because of each other only. If we give proper attention to the key components causing trouble in this matter as mentioned above, we can definitely work towards a better agency-client relationship which will have high positive impacts on both the parties’ revenue.

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