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Buying a website is like buying a car, but worse

Getting a website customization service can be likened to buying a car in so many ways. Before you do, you need to put so many things into consideration. For instance, if you want to buy a car, you don’t just stroll into a car store and ask for the price of a car without giving other necessary details. As expected, the car dealer would look want to ask what are the ideal specifications you fancy in a car. He would want to know what you will be using the car for. He would also enquire to know the specific brand of car that you are looking for and the model year. In addition to these information. Would you want a 2017 Ford Mustang or a 2016 Toyota Camry? All those costs differently.

Other necessary criteria that will likely affect the price of a new vehicle that you are trying to purchase would include the number of people that the car will be conveying, your need for speed, your color preference, the safety rating of the car, how soon you need the car, your preference on body type, your preference on color, and your budget amidst other things.

All these are things that the dealer will sum up to give you the best quote for a car. He wouldn’t just provide an estimate just because you told him you wanted to buy a car. This also happens when you want to purchase a home. The realtor will usually ask you so many questions before concluding a price. You would have to provide lots of information concerning the type of house, your budget, etc. You would also have to give information on how you intend to pay for the property. Are you going to be purchasing outright or take the property on lease, or pay with a mortgage? All these are information you must provide to the realtor.

Purchasing these services above is similar to getting custom web development. You don’t want just walk up to a web development agency and tell them you want some website customization services without giving further details. The agency would usually need more information from you to give you the best quote commensurate with the services you are looking for. This is something that many people looking for website customization services do not realize. They just walk up to an agency and want a quick estimate on redesigning their website or designing a new website entirely, making the same mistakes that people looking to buy a car or real estate make. Just like car dealers, and realtors, a web developer will ask you so many questions bordering on the particular things you will be doing with your website to come up with a perfect estimate.

How much does a custom web development cost?

Having said that getting custom web development is like buying a car, and that you need to provide many details as to what you want, no developer will be able to answer the question of how much it would cost to build a custom website without asking other relevant questions. Some of the other details you will need to provide to the developer include your functional requirements (these include the functions and activities that you want the website to perform), your aesthetic preferences and your goals. The truth is that most people who are looking for website customization services do not know that there is more to web development than just putting up some website on the internet. They do not often put the goals of their project into consideration. Among other things they don’t think about is search engine optimization, content creation, content migration (probably between their existing website and their new website), call to action, etc. All these requirements need to be documented with the developer for an appropriate estimate.

Just like buying a car where you are not limited to one dealer, you are not also limited to one web development agency when it comes to custom web development. You can always shop around for the best deals. When doing so, however, you need to make sure that you are comparing the price of similar services. Let’s use car shopping for instance, you must make sure that you are comparing the price for 2017 Ford Mustang at dealer A with the same 2017 Ford Mustang at dealer B. For your website, you need to list your deliverables and take them to the agencies and ensure that the different agencies are giving you quotes for the same deliverables to help you make your final decision.

Again, just like buying a car, there are things that everyone should look out for in a vendor before choosing their web development services. Honestly is the first of these things, as it is what drives every successful transaction. You should also look out for the agencies’ reviews, testimonials from past clients, reputation, etc.

Another important step when considering website customization services is to spell out your budget and make it known to the website development agency as well as the functions you want on the website. The budget may not be commensurate with the exact services you are looking for, but a good web development agency will be able to advise you and also provide you the best possible services that match your budget. That way, the two parties involved in the bargain are happy, with no one feeling cheated.

We have seen that buying a car and getting website customization services have many things in common. For the both, you need to have a long list of your requirements and present it to the vendor to get the best possible quote. Without this list of requirements, no vendor except dishonest ones will be able to really provide you with what you want. If you present what you want to the agency, you will be presented with so many available options. It is your prerogative to make the best logical decision based on the facts and figures presented to you. Lastly, remember to always meet different vendors and present your list of requirements and also be ready to answer as many questions as possible as no vendor can just give you an estimate on the cost of a website without looking at your needs.

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