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Web Development Trends

7 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

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Everything in the sphere of technology which the web development industry is a part changes so fast. Practices and techniques that were in vogue just a few years back are now way outdated. Newer techniques and practices have replaced them.

The expectations of the web user have also continued to change. Users are now looking forward to more engaging content that is both fun and intuitive. Users are now looking to access contents on the go too.
To meet most of these latest needs of web users, newer technologies are constantly emerging on a daily basis. Extensions are becoming more compatible, newer programming languages are springing up, and many frameworks are finding their ways into the industry too.

It is necessary that those who want to get custom web development remain abreast of happenings in the web development industry. On that note, we want to bring you 7 web development trends to watch out for in 2018.

In no particular order, below are some of the web development trends you need to watch out for in 2018

1. VUE JS is getting more popular

VUE JS is one of the most lightweight frameworks out there today. In addition to being lightweight, it is also fast. It was created in 2014 by Evan You, and it became popular in 2017, and this popularity is already spilling over to 2018.

Unlike Angular Js which is being backed by Google and React JS which is backed by Facebook, Vue JS is unique in that it is not backed by any major company.

The documentation of the Framework is in Chinese right from the beginning; this explains why Vue is popular in China. In 2017, it was listed among the 1o most forked GitHub projects and is currently being used by big companies such as GitLab, Nintendo, Alibaba, Expedia, etc. Due to its past records, it is expected that he framework will grow more popular in 2018.

2. Functional programming benefits from JavaScript improvements

Functional programming has been an emerging trend over the years, and its impact is going to be felt more in 2018.
By definition, functional programming is a programming style that focuses on developing software programs using functions. Following the functional programming philosophy entails foregoing things like mutable data, shared states, and side effects.

Unlike object-oriented programming, functional codes are easier to predict and are also easier to understand. Not to mention that they are also easier to test and debug. JavaScript is one of the go-to languages that have many functional programming concepts and principles which allows programmers to decompose programs into small functions. This points to the fact that functional programming will benefit from JavaScript improvements in 2018.

3. Extensions get more compatible

Extensions have always been a part of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc., for years now. But browser extension compatibility is where there used to an issue. Many times, cross-browser compatibility for extensions is an issue, and that is going to change in 2018 as more and extensions will become compatible across browsers.
Browser extensions are code snippets usually written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They can add new functionalities to a web browser as well as change the content or appearances of a website. In the past, extensions used to be browser specific, meaning that Chrome extensions only worked on Chrome browser and Firefox extensions worked on Firefox browser. But that is changing as browsers like Edge and Firefox are becoming compatible on other browsers.

4. Real-time web-based apps are getting more popular

App users are now looking for fast interactions because they want to share information on the go and real-time web-based apps are bringing this functionality to them. Real-time web-based apps have been available for some years, but they are gaining more popularity in 2018.
Real-time web based apps allow users to send and fetch data from a server in real time without them having to continue to refresh their web pages to view new content from a server as was the practice before real-time web apps.

Frameworks like Node.Js used to be commonly associated with real-time web apps. But these days, other frameworks and languages are become associated with real-time web apps too.

5. Progressive web apps

These are web apps that exhibit the functionalities of mobile apps. The question of how to properly display web content on mobile has always been a serious concern. But that puzzle is already getting solved as web applications now give its users the opportunity to access their favorite apps on their mobile device.
Some of the benefits of creating app-like experience on web pages include the following

  • It improves engagement
  • It works smoothly no matter the network conditions
  • It also improves conversions

In 2018, we are going to see more progressive web apps.

6. Mastering mobile web development

Over the years, responsive web development became obligatory because of the increasing number of mobile users. In 2018 mobile development is going to experience a major boost. In the past, companies used to be concerned about their website working on mobile, but that is going to change as more companies will be more concerned about how to make their website work best on mobile.

Because of the increasing number of people who now depend on their mobile phones for different transactions, mastering mobile development is going to be a challenge in 2018. One way to achieve it is to provide content that is easily navigable with one hand.

7. Material design

Material design is a trend developed by Google in their attempt to combine motion and visual material, and it is going to gain more popularity in 2018. Google material design is compatible with all modern browsers and currently has high score rating in user experience design.

In conclusion, mobile developments, user expectations, design trends and new frameworks are changing web development trends on a daily basis. A thing of note is that custom web development is now responding to the everyday needs of users such as the ability to work in real time from anywhere. And a good web development company should understand these trends and incorporate them into their work this year.

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