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6 resolutions for choosing a better CMS in 2018

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The beginning of a new year is a time we make several resolutions. Some of us do resolve to eat less while others resolve to improve their relationships with others. There are those who resolve to take their businesses steps further. No matter the type of resolution, what is important is that we often make resolutions to see better results.

Choosing a better CMS is one activity we need to make some resolutions before carrying out. The reason is not farfetched; the web design industry is an unregulated one and like any unregulated industry, anyone can easily come in and claim to be an expert. There are also a lot of technologies and solutions available for one to choose from. This wide availability of different CMS solutions out there, and the many people who claim to be experts even when they can’t explain the technology behind the platform they are using make choosing a better CMS difficult.

But there is always a way out, you can resolve to make sure that you do the important things that will help your CMS development project in 2018.

Below are 6 resolutions for choosing a better CMS in 2018

1. Resolve to learn and be educated

Before setting out to look for vendors, it is necessary that you educate yourself on the different options available when it comes to CMS. You need this education so that when you meet with vendors, you would know what to expect and what to say.

As part of getting educated about CMSs, you need to study their architecture. Studying CMS architecture means understanding how the content is created, cataloged and distributed. It shouldn’t just be comparing the different user interfaces that the different CMSs offer. It is far more than that, you need to learn the meaning of words like “headless” or “decoupled” and knowing the difference between them when compared to “monolithic” or “integrated.” Like in buildings, the architecture of a CMS is what determines how strong it is, and you have to resolve to learn the architecture of many CMS out there to choose the best one for your project.

Besides learning about the architecture of a CMS, you also need to learn the technology that powers the CMS you want to choose. Knowing the technology behind a CMS will enable you to determine if it is the best for your project. You also need to learn about the true economics of the platform you are choosing. Are there hidden costs that you may want to know? You need to be sure that the CMS is not sacrificing security on the altar of being free. Spend time to learn what it will cost you to use a particular CMS. Remember that in the software word, there is no free meal; you always have to pay in one way or the other.

2. Resolve to question the establishment

Don’t just go with the popular options out there, resolve to question the established CMS platforms if you want to choose the best in 2018. For the fact that WordPress is powering a majority of the websites on the web doesn’t mean it is the better CMS for your project. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, consider the specifications of your project and dig deeper to see if you can find newer solutions that are best suited for it. Remember that your project is different from that of everyone else, so you don’t necessarily have to go with the mob.

3. Resolve to contemplate the future

You have to resolve to contemplate the future if you are looking to choose a better CMS in 2018. The reason is simple; technology is always changing and some months down the line, the technologies that are in vogue now may become outdated. If you want to migrate your website to another CMS in the future, will the CMS you are about to choose make it seamless for you? These are some of the things you need to consider.

4. Resolve to evaluate risk versus reward

If you are looking to choose a better CMS in 2018, you have to resolve to evaluate risks versus rewards. Do you want to choose a CMS because it is free or do you want to choose one that will serve your business better? Remember that you are not supposed to sacrifice the security of your company data on the altar of a free meal.
When hiring a firm to undertake the actual CMS development, you have to be careful to not hire “off-the-shelf” developers who just want to take money from you and not complete your project. If you fail to evaluate the various risks and rewards, you may be making a mistake that will cost you dearly later.

5. Resolve to challenge the CMS cycle

What is the CMS cycle? Every CMS seems to have a cycle that must be followed when you want to redesign your website, and this cycle is that you must reinstall the platform and redevelop the website afresh. Following this cycle anytime you want to redesign your website may not be the most savory experience. To challenge this cycle, look for a CMS that is not so tightly integrated with the front-end. This way, a little redesigning job won’t require you to reinstall the CMS and redevelop your website afresh.

6. Resolve to separate from the pack

Breaking away from the pack here means trying to go with something different from what everybody else is doing in terms of user experience. Almost every website you find on the web now has similar user experience, not because there are not many CMS solutions that offer better front-end options but because people are looking for the easiest and cheapest options. Even though separating from the pack comes at a cost, it is definitely worth it.

The above summarizes the 6 resolutions you need to make if you are considering a CMS development project in 2018.

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