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Hiring a Web Developer Partner


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In many industries, there are certification organizations that regulate the activities of the practitioners in the industry, but same can’t be said of the web design industry. It is an open industry where anyone who can turn on a computer can come into. This makes it possible for people to go through a lot of trouble when they want to hire dedicated developers. Though it can be challenging to find good development partners, with some diligence, you can still hire the best responsive web developers.

Below are 6 factors to consider when you are looking to hire a web development team

1. They are conservative with trendy technologies:

Every day by day, new and trendy technologies get introduced into the industry, all trying to make the job easy for developers. But these trendy technologies do not come without their own limitations. Many times, they are still new technologies that are unproven and not ones you should risk having on your website. Every business owner that is developing a website is doing so to get a return on his investment. Now, if all you get on your website are new trendy technology that doesn’t guarantee a return on your investment, it means you have simply wasted resources. Unfortunately, all the off-the-shelf developers adopt these new trendy technologies because developing websites with them seem very easy. They just drag and drop a few features, and they have a website ready. The result is that they give you a website which won’t put your business requirements into consideration.

A good web development partner is quite conservative with trendy technologies. They understand the importance of building every website according to the specifications of your business operation. And to build such a website, they have to make use of established technologies because the technology used in the building of a web project will continue to be the bedrock of that site for years to come. So, before hiring a web development partner, don’t be shy to ask them important questions concerning the technologies they will be using for your project.

2. They have a proven track record:

So many acclaimed developers out there are nothing more than mere platform modifiers. They don’t design to specifications, and they are not the kind of people you want. Real developers have proven track record of projects they have executed in the past from scratch and that are in actual use. Ask the prospective partner to point you to solutions they have developed in the past that are solving real-life problems and ask them the technologies they used to build such solutions. In addition to looking at their hosted portfolio, also ask for few references.

3. They are the expert practitioner:

It is very easy to spot the expert practitioners in any field. They are those that have been consistent in the industry for some time and have contributed their quota to the growth of the industry.

Now, when you meet these expert practitioners with your project description, they don’t just throw a proposal your way. First, they carry out a thorough analysis of the requirement you have presented before them, and then they determine the best solutions suitable for the project at hand. The same can’t be said of those who are just in the field to make as much quick bucks as possible. These people looking for quick bucks always throw a proposal to you upon hearing your project requirements without caring to carry out an in-depth analysis of what your project entails. Expert practitioners will look at the specifications and determine the best solution for it before taking on your project.

4. They understand entrepreneurship:

Expert developers are real entrepreneurs; they understand you have a business pain that you want to solve using your website and they put their self in your position to solve that pain. They try as much as possible to understand how your business works and then they offer a solution that further simplifies the activities of your business. Off-the-shelf developers simply put one or two technologies together without innovating how exactly the technology they are putting together is going to help you solve a business problem. When looking to hire web development partners, look for those that have strong business mindsets.

5. You have access to senior leadership:

In many agencies, once you have sealed off a contract with them, the actual development of your project is left in the hands of some junior developers who do not have real experience in the field. During the negotiation phase, many clients think the senior leadership will be involved in the development of their project, but that never happens, and the final result is usually a poorly developed solution.

Before hiring a development team, make sure your project will not only be left in the hands of junior developers but that the senior leadership will get involved in every phase of the development and not just in the negotiation phase.

6. There is a post-launch capability:

A web project is never a finished project; there are always maintenance to be made, addition of quick and new features and lots of post-launch services. Now, most agencies do not offer these post-launch services, and if you fall into the hands of one of these agencies, you spend extra resources trying to find another agency to help you do this post-launch services. This can cost you a lot of money and also take your time. When looking for development partners, find those who you can develop a long-term relationship with, those who will always be available to add new features, because a web project is never a finished project, but an ongoing one.

In conclusion:

To find and hire dedicated developers is a hard task, basically due to the fact that the industry is unregulated and is filled with both the good, the bad, and the ugly. The only way you can hire the best developers is by being really careful and vetting all your prospects. If you put all the above factors into consideration during your vetting process, you will be able to hire the best responsive web developers who you can form a long-term relationship with.

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