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12 ways you can turn your blog into a lead generation machine

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Whether your business is selling a product or rendering a service, the only way you can make a profit is by making sales. To make sales, companies make use of various lead generation services. There are many ways of generating business leads, and we want to look at one of these ways; we want to see how to use your blog to generate leads.

What is lead generation?

First things first; let’s quickly understand what lead generation is all about. Lead generation has to do with the various ways that individuals and businesses try to attract potential customers to their business. When these potential customers have been attracted to a business, they can then be turned into buying customers.

There are many methods that businesses use to generate leads for their businesses, and using their blog is one of these methods. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll look at 12 ways you can turn your blog into a lead generation machine.

1. Use Calls-to-action in the text of your blog posts

We use calls-to-action to prompt visitors to take desired actions on landing pages and in ads, but it is rarely used on blogs. However, you can use calls-to-action in the text of your blogs to direct readers to download an eBook or a whitepaper. It is an excellent way to generate leads from your blog.

2. Offer exclusive content to your readers

You can have an exclusive members’ section on your blog where you place exclusive content that would only be available to those who subscribe. Tease visitors with useful information and have them gasping for more, then direct them to subscribe to have access to the exclusive content.

3. Try the “Hello Bar”

“Hello Bars” are often placed at the very top of websites and usually contain CTA’s (calls-to-actions) that you can use to direct users to do something like subscribing for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, etc. Using a “Hello Bar” is one of the ways of generating leads from your blog.

4. Offer your readers perks

If you have an e-commerce website, for instance, you can offer products to your readers at discounted rates as a way of generating leads. Furthermore, you can offer to send them special deals and offers via text message and email.

5. Leverage slide-in CTA’s

You must have seen slide-in CTA’s many times. You are on a company’s website reading a blog post and all of a sudden; a box slides out from the side of your screen prompting you to subscribe for a newsletter, that’s a slide in CTA. You can use it on your blog to generate leads by offering your readers giveaways such as eBooks, whitepapers, etc.

6. Try a welcome redirect

Using a welcome redirect is another great way to generate leads from your blog. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that let you direct readers to a lead page before they proceed to read your blog post. When using a welcome redirect, you have to be careful as many readers could find it annoying. Do A/B testing to see if the redirect is really helping your conversion, else, remove it?

7. Blog summary downloads

Some blog posts can be as long as 2000 words and are usually embellished with images and other graphics to drive the point of the post. Not many readers are patient enough or have the time to read a 2,000-word blog post, so they are always looking for a summary. You can offer your readers a concise version of your blog posts and ask them to leave their emails, so you send them a summary of their favorite blog posts.

8. Leverage margin bars

Margins bars are those vertical bars that you find on the right-hand side or left-hand side of many blog posts. These margins do contain CTA’s that prompt you to sign up for an email newsletter or other giveaways. Use margin bars to prompt your readers to sign up for your email newsletter, to download your eBook, etc.

9. Reach out to influencers

There are many influencers you can find on social media; these influencers have a huge following. Find those in your industry who have a huge following and arrange with them to promote your brand. This may involve some financial commitment on your part, but in all, it is worth it. When having influencers promote your brand, you and the influencer should try as much as possible to make it seem like the influencer is just endorsing your brand; don’t make it obvious to the readers that you are paying the influencer to do so.

10. Answer comments with CTA’s

The comments section of your blog is a good place to generate quality lead because for someone to comment on your post, it means that the person is genuinely interested in what you do. When replying to comments on your post, use powerful CTA’s to prompt the commenter to take a particular action to get more information. You could offer to send the commenter more useful information when they leave their email.

11. Time-delay pop-ups

You can use time-delay pop-ups to get visitors to take specific actions as a way of generating leads. These time-delay pop-ups show up after a visitor has spent a set amount of time on your page. You can use the pop-ups to offer them eBooks, special reports in exchange for their email.

12. Employ the use of exit pop-ups

Exit pop-ups are intelligent pop-ups that show up once a blog reader is about to exit the blog especially if they have not taken action. You can use the pop-ups to offer giveaways to readers in exchange for their emails. Almost every marketer on the internet today make use of exit pop-ups as it is a good way to generate leads.
In conclusion, if you are looking forward to generating business leads, then your blog could be a helpful tool to help you achieve that goal. If done well, you may not even need other lead generation services. So, follow the ideas above to turn your blog into a lead generation machine.

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