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12 Surefire Web Development Tips to Boost Your Skillsets

Well none can find a substitute for experience and it is for sure anywhere available. However, some shortcuts can definitely let you open the doors of success with ease. We have collected some of the beliefs of the seasoned developers and have listed some of the smart skill sets. Here are some of the high-end engaging tips, tools, features and tricks, which came directly from coders who love coding.

We have filtered some of the best skillsets just to save your time and claim to be the stellar secret in web app development world. Web Application Development Services Florida Has prepared this list of 15 unique tools to boost your development skills – so get ready to take a hell ride and kiss the steps of success soon!


Code development

• Use of Clear List

Clearing those floating elements in the process of development is one of the tough things. The answers to this dilemma are to add this CSS property to any list container with floated list elements and see the magic happen.
If you check the list container with a DOM inspector, you will see that the height attribute is calculated automatically and fixes the issues hence.

• Sandbox

If you want to introduce new kind of CSS techniques and transitions, you can do it as a sandbox project. With the help of Sandbox, you can keep the experimentation out of the box, thus the code becomes much easier to debug.

• Doing one thing at a time

Web application development services Alaska are of the opinion that every object in your code should have one function. Even in CSS, you should not pull all styles onto a .button class rather split them into .button-structure and .button-face. if you do not adopt that and if something breaks in the middle, it will take hell lot of time to trace the situation back.



• Have GitHub

If you are working on the big projects, you need a robust version. However, there is a downside if your project is private. Your code on GitHub’s servers and publicly available helps to improve performance and speed. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this arrangement lies in the code backed up each time when you write with the help of really useful diff viewer, which one can see and check if any changes introduced as well.

• It is important to secure your site

Before you make the website go live be sure to run through the ASafaWeb.com. This is one of the common website written by Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt. It helps to scan ASP.NET websites for a number of security issues. If you find that you have failed in these tests then we will advise you to resolve the issues with ease.

• You need to automate the website

As per website development services in Alaska, you must not waste time manually doing the tests. You must automate the testing. Since you spend a lot of time in unit tests, rather invest those time in the NAnt or MSBuild. Since this will help to decrease the number of loops you need to jump through, when the deadlines approach faster.

• Have a team tracker

You must enable a team tracker such as Pivotal Tracker and Pivotal Booster for better project management and bug detection. There are many other tools which are no doubt the lightweight options. You can use them regularly to track the progress of the various projects.



• You need to have active phone numbers

Most of the mobile devices of today has the ability place and make calls, so you need to take the advantage of the page code and wrap the number in the <a href> tag and instead of http:// as the protocol you use “tel:”

This is somehow going to look like this – <a href=”tel:0123456789″>0123456789</a>

• High or low resolutions

Is your site ready to adapt the retina screens available in the mobile devices today? Do not think you are OK just because the numbers are on the right side now, because it will not stay in the same position forever. You will come across a couple of solutions for switching images depending on response to screen resolution.

You will find the JavaScript framework retina.js which uses Apple’s @2x naming convention to swap standard images with hi-resolution options.

It is also possible to supply high resolution images to the iOS devices with the use of webkit-image-set. Here how you can do it with ease –

.header { background: -webkit-image-set( url(images/header.jpg) 1x, url(images/header_2x.jpg) 2x);}

• Use of white space

Do you know the reduction in the white space and the function names of the JavaScript and CSS will help to reduce the page load times largely? He suggests the combination of all JS and CSS into one or two files and then pass the same through the YUI compressor.



• Generate media queries

When you are building responsive websites, media queries forms the backbone of the entire process. They match the media type of your device and display the CSS accordingly. Such as

body { text-color:#000000; }@media only screen and (min-width:1200px) {body { text-color:#FF0000; }}

The code which you see above helps to trap the resolutions at 1200px or higher and will apply the color red to all the BODY TEXT on the page. If you find the screen size less than 1200px it will display black BODY TEXT.
However, seasoned developers are well aware that this process might get cumbersome at some point and have to struggle throughout. So, they suggest the use of CSS Framework like Amazium, which replaces the use of thousands of media queries with semantic classes.

• For a heavier choice

If you use a heavyweight framework then you need to use Twitter’s Bootstrap or ZURB’s Foundation to do the magic.

Hope these web development tools help you accordingly to boost your development process and keep everything agile and on track. Share your opinion in the comment box below to enrich our knowledge and other readers as well.

  • Vikram

    Nice post! I loved this article. We should use white space effectively because websites may be lagged in speed because of these white space. Also, try to avoid using more function names as you said. We should think about the site speed also hence minimization of white space and functions can improve the loading time of the website!


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